What Is Holding You Back?

This week we took in this amazing trike for service at the shop. This is a custom trike that was made by OCC to accomodate an individual that is wheelchair bound.  This trike has all the bells and whistles, including an electric gate/ramp, making it as simple of possible for the driver to use.  Looking at this trike I got to thinking "Wow! Nothing is going to stop this guy from riding!".   So what is stopping you from riding? 

What Is Holding You Back?


Today there are so many more options for motorcycles than there used to be.  There are cruisers, sportbikes, dual sports, enduros, and scooters. And within those categories there are different models and sizes.  Basically there is something for everyone!  And if you are uncertain of where to start there are so many resources for beginning female riders.  In fact just this week I shared a video on my facebook page that goes through a variety of bikes that are perfect for new female riders.  If you missed it check it out HERE

So what is holding you back from following your dream of riding a motorcycle?  Could it be the fear of judgement while taking the training class?  If that is the case see my Blog Post about riding classes that are offered for women only!   And if there isn't a women's only class offered in your area maybe you have a female friend or three that would like to go with you! 

As the number of women riders grow so do the women's motorcycle groups. Check  your local area for women's riding groups.  These ladies are typically a great source of knowledge and huge supporters of new riders. All of the local lady's groups and lady riders that I know are always so excited to bring in a new rider.  There is nothing a motorcyclist loves more that sharing their passion of riding with someone else. 

If you exhaust all of these avenues and find that you still are not able to find the resources and support you need to follow your dream that contact me! I will be happy to help you in anyway I can.

Tune in later this week when we talk about how to overcome fear!

Until next time......

What Is Holding You Back? 

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