Motorcycle Training Classes for Women Only

Part of Pink Line Moto's mission is to encourage and support woman who are new to riding or wanting to learn to ride a motorcycle.  I encounter women on a regular basis who are intersted in learning to ride but are intimidated by the idea of attending a training class with men. 

In an effort to encourage our future lady riders I have compiled a list of a few on road motorcycle training classes that are offered for women only. 



The BMW Performance Center located in Greenville-Spartenburg, SC offers a  a one day Women Only On Road Class. They also offer a one day Women Only Adventure Riding Foundations Class for you ladies who might be looking for an off road class. 

According to the website both the On Road and Off Road classes have added elements that are recommended for women by leading female motorcycle professionals. 

Check out their site for schedule and pricing.  


T3RG Motorcycle Schools is a Denver, Colorado based woman owned company. This school offers small, women only classes in Greenwood Village and Aurora. 

Contact their office at 303-433-9424 for more information or to register for a class. 


Located in Bucksport, Maine, this school has been offering women only motorcycle classes for 9 years! According to their website they offer a 2 day class and limit their classes to 10 students.

Check out their website for more information or to register for an upcoming class.   


Located in Columbia, Maryland Howared Community College offers a women only Basic Rider Course.  This class will allow you to get your motorcycle license in an all women class. This class in only offered once a year. 

Check out their website for dates and to register for a class.  


Midtenn Motorcycle offers a two day women only motorcycle training class. This class is offered in several cities in Tennessee including Nashville, Mutfreesboro, Clarksville, Columbiz, and Cookeville.  Private classes are also offered for riders who feel that they might need or want more individualized attention. 

Schedules and pricing can be found on their website.  


Washington Motor Safety Training (WMST) offers a women only motorcycle training class at their Everett, Washington location.  This class is good for new riders and retrurning riders.  The class scedule and registration are both located on their website. 


I am sure that there are many other women only classes available and I would love to hear about them!  If you know of a motorcycle training class that is just for women email me or comment below so that we can add it to the list.  

And for those ladies that decide to attend a class on this list or any other class we would love to hear from you as well!  

                                                                               Until next time.............

                                                                          Motorcycle Training Classes for Women Only                                                                                                 


Motorcycle Training Classes for Women Only 




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