Women & Motorcycles Week In Review

Welcome to the first weekly edition of Women & Motorcycles Week in Review! We are so happy you are here. 

This is what has been happening this week:


Katie Perry has Harley Davidson thanking her this week.  Her new song ”Harleys in Hawaii" was released featuring her riding her Harley as well riding as a passenger.  Harley Davidson provided motorcycles for Perry’s new video and in return got access to her millions of followers who happen to both the younger and the female crowds that Harley Davidson are currently trying to reach.  

You can check out the entire article NY Times Article HERE.

And here is the video for those that are interested: 



This weekend the 2nd Annual All Female Postie Bike Grand Prix will be held in Cessnock Australia.  The race takes place in the streets of Cessnock on 110cc motorcycles.  Looks like a fun event to spectate or better yet to participate in.  Good luck ladies!

You can follow this event and all of the other events on their Face Book Page.


31 Women representing 20 countries competed for the 2019 Female Team Qualifier by BMW Motorrad. The qualifiers this year were Isabella Londono Rivas from Columbia, Nikkie van der Spek from the Netherlands, Claire Birchard from France, Andrea Box from Australia, and Dlara Finkele from the United Kingdom. Congratulations to the qualifiers and to all the ladies that participated.

Check out the video below to see how awesome these ladies really are!


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