Spring not only brings warmer weather but it also brings out motorcycle riders as it is the start of the riding season for many. Due to the increased number of motorcycles on the road May is Motorcycle Awareness Month.  While it is important to always remind drivers about the importance of watching for motorcyclists it is equally important that we as motorcyclists do our part in staying safe. 

There are several things that motorcyclists can do to help bring awareness to thier presence on the road starting with being visible.  This can be done by wearing hi viz, reflective, or bright colored gear.  The objective is to stand out not blend in with traffic.  Lighting is another way to be visible on the road.  First, make sure that all of your lights and turn signals are working properly.  You may choose to add additional lighting or LED bulbs to make your lighting brighter and more easily seen. 

Another way to be proactive in your own safety is to use caution at intersections.  Many motorcycle accidents occur in intersections due to cars turning left into the path of the motorcyclist.  Slow down and proceed with caution through intersections. This also important when leaving a light when it turns green.  When the light turns green wait to make sure that the traffic that is coming from the other direction has come to a stop before proceeding through the intersection.  If you take off as soon as the light turns green this puts you at risk of being hit by a car that is coming through the traffic light late. 

Motorcyclists can also be proactive by anticipating problems.  This can be done by focusing further ahead up the road rather than directly in front of you.  Focusing further up the road allows to see possible issues before they happen which allows you more time to decide how you are going to respond.  When you have time to plan your response your outcome if usually better than if you are forced to make a split second decision. 

Following traffic laws is also important and can be life saving. Adhering to your local traffic laws allows other drivers to know what you are doing on the road.  Using proper signaling and speed can help increase your safety on the road.  Speeding and not properly signally your turns and lane changes makes you less visible to drivers which can be dangerous. Additionally, making sure that you stay our of the blindspots helps to insure that you are seen.  

One the most important ways to remain safe on the streets is to wear proper gear and protective equipment.  Having a helmet that fits properly and protective gear can be the literally be the difference between life and death to a motorcyclist!  If you aren't sure if your helmet is good check out our Free Helmet Safety Checklist!  If you find that you need a new helmet we can help! Just Click Here to check out our helmet selection! 

There are so many ways to be proactive in your own safety while riding your motorcycle.  While it is imporant for drivers to pay attention and watch for motorcycles we can do our part!  Do you have a tip for staying safe on the road? Comment below or email us at 


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