5 Motorcycle Helmets for Women

5 Types of Motorcycle Helmets for Women

5 Types Of Motorcycle Helmets for Women

Are you looking for a new motorcycle helmet? Trying to figure out what kind of helmet you want can be overwhelming.  As the number of women who ride motorcycles has increased so has the options for women’s motorcycle helmets.  While there are no gender specific helmets there are more graphic and color options available now for women than there has been in the past.

Let’s take a look at the different styles of motorcycle helmets and see which one is best for you! 


Women’s Full-Face Helmet


As the name suggests, full-face helmets are helmets that will cover your entire head, chin, and face. It provides the most protection against accidents and has a crucial chin bar, which protects your chin and jaw in case of an impact. 

There are different features offered on a full-face helmet.  Most full-face helmets offer vents on the top and front of the helmet. These are important for air flow and will help with heat while you are riding. There are also different shields that offered. Most full face helmets come with a clear shield but tinted and colored shields are usually offered seperately. Some helmets even have a built-in drop-down tinted lens called a pilot lens.

 Here is an example of a full face helmet: Scorpion EXO-R320.  


 Women’s Half Helmet 

Half helmets are a very popular choice among motorcyclists that ride cruisers. As the name indicates these helmet cover only half of your head. Typically, a rider will wear a pair of sunglasses or goggles for eye protection with this type of helmet.  These helmets tend to be lighter weight than a full-face helmet and allow you feel the wind on your face while protecting your head. This style of helmet can come with a small visor or no visor at all.   

If you are thinking that a half helmet is the helmet for you then click HERE to check out a large selection. 


 Women’s Open Face Helmet 

Open face helmets cover you’re your head and ears but leave your face uncovered. Commonly referred to as a ¾ (three-quarter) helmet these helmets can come with or without a face shield.  This style of helmet is typically worn by women that are riding cruiser or standard style motorcycles as well as scooters. This is a great option for the rider that would like more protection but doesn’t care for or want their face enclosed.

This style of helmet is available with or without a visor as well as with or without a face shield. 


 Women’s Modular Helmet 

The Modular helmet offers features of both Full Face and Open Face helmets. This kind gives you the best of both worlds! This style of helmet has the coverage of a full face but offers a flip up visor and chin bar.  The ability to open the front of the helmet is a great feature for riders that need frequent face to face interaction as this saves them from having to take their helmet on and off.


 Women’s Off-Road Helmets 

As the name suggests, Off-road helmets are for when you want to ride in dirt or away from streets and highways. They cover your entire head and chin, and the main difference with a full-face helmet is that the chin bar is more accentuated  providing better airflow. A rider would traditionally wear goggles for eye protection with this style of helmet. This helmet design of this helmet is different than the others because it is made to protect your face from dirt and debris. 

Check out the HJC CS-MX II Creed if you are looking for an offroad helmet option.


Which One Should You Choose? 

The type of helmet that you choose is typically based on personal preference and the type of riding you plan on doing. A couple of important things to note when purchasing a helmet is that it fits properly and is at least D.O.T. approved. Having a D.O.T. helmet that fits correctly will insure that your helmet is able to do its job in the event of an accident.  

Hopefully you are able to take this information and find the perfect helmet for your next ride!







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